Hydrocarbon Mud Logging Company

Advance Consultants Corp. is a long-established hydrocarbon mud logging company located in Midland, Texas. We have been serving the petroleum industry for over 50 years in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, the Panhandle of Texas, and southwestern Oklahoma. Advance Consultants Corp. has logged over 5,000 wells in the Permian Basin and is a leader in horizontal logging.

We maintain 21 trailers equipped with state-of-the-art hydrocarbon logging and computer equipment, and a pool of experienced loggers. At Advance we have our own custom-designed hydrocarbon logging data management software, producing a log that is viewable from your personal computer either by using our free downloadable viewer, or over the Internet using a standard web browser. The logging data collected is directly exportable to LAS file format, and is completely compatible with most common geological computer-analysis and display software. In addition, our software is capable of including the gamma ray information in horizontal logging and is viewable in PDF format on a smart phone as well as your personal computer.

It is our goal to be the best hydrocarbon logging company in every area that we serve. Advance Consultants Corp.'s basic philosophy and purpose is to earn the respect, confidence and loyalty of our Customers by serving them so well that they profit from their association with us.