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Advance Consultants Corp. is a long-established hydrocarbon mud logging company located in Midland, Texas. We have been serving the petroleum industry for over 50 years in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, the Panhandle of Texas, and southwestern Oklahoma. Advance Consultants Corp. has logged over 5,000 wells in the Permian Basin and is a leader in horizontal logging.

Victor S. Frigon, "Vic" was born in 1921 and raised in western Kansas close to Hill City, Kansas. He grew up as the middle son of nine children, on a working farm breaking horses, milking cows and harvesting wheat. After one year in Military College, he volunteered for service in the army approximately three months after Pearl Harbor. Vic trained in the home of the engineers at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The Army sent Vic to CCNY, The City College of New York for additional training. He trained as a demolition expert and combat engineer. Vic served with the Corps of Army Engineers. He was assigned to build bridges and deactivate anti-tank and personal mines in Europe. Vic courageously lead the troops behind enemy lines at night in Germany and would deactivate mines both on land and in the Rhine River in order to build bridges so U.S. Troops could cross over and then tear down the bridges so the enemy could not follow. Vic courageously fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Vic was injured behind enemy lines and was in the army hospital for eight months. After recovering from injuries, he received an honorable discharge in October 1945 receiving a Purple Heart, a Bronze Service Star, Good Conduct Ribbon and European Africa Middle Eastern Campaign Medal. He returned to Kansas where he met and married Barbara Hodson in Wichita Kansas. Vic graduated in 1949 with a degree in Petroleum Geology and a minor in Engineering from Wichita State University. Vic and Barbara moved nine times in one year working in the oil patch and living in Iraan, Rankin, McCamey, and Fort Stockton Texas as well as other West Texas towns. Vic and Barbara settled in Midland in 1952. He worked for various oil companies as a geologist and well sitter gaining valuable experience and learning the technique of gas detection and using a chromatograph. Vic started his own business, Advance Consultants Corp. in 1956. Vic loved geology and the thrill of watching the wildcat wells.

Victor S. Frigon received the Pioneer Award from the West Texas Geological Society in May 2007. Vic was a member of the West Texas Geological Society since 1953 and through the years he served in various aspects such as Social Events Chairman, sponsor of the Rockhound Open and he dedicated the major part of his lifetime to the petroleum industry. Vic was also a member of the Wildcatters Group, a Colonel at the Commemorative Air Force, a member of the Exchange Club, the Petroleum Club, and the Midland Chamber of Commerce. Vic also supported the Saint Vincent de Paul Society and the Red Cross.

Advance Consultants Corp. fondly remembers and honors their founder Victor S. Frigon, as we continue to “forge ahead” and “lead the way” detecting and analyzing gaseous hydrocarbons to help find oil and gas for America. We strive to be good Citizens of our Community or any Community we work in by observing the highest moral and ethical standards in the Conduct of our business and be actively supporting the American System of Freedom and Opportunity for ALL. Advance Consultants Corp. stands by Vic’s high ethical and moral standards and prides itself as being the company that leads the way. It is our goal to be the best hydrocarbon logging company in every area that we serve. Advance Consultants Corp.’s basic philosophy and purpose is to earn the respect, confidence and loyalty of our Customers by serving them so well that they profit from their association with us.

Advance Consultants Corp. is first and foremost a safety oriented company. As a member of the West Texas Safety Training Center, we are committed to providing the most safety oriented personnel available. Each of our geologists/loggers and our field technicians are required to be H2S certified and to have an updated certification card in their possession. In addition, Advance has personnel certified in a number of additional safety areas such as respirator protection “fit test”, first aid and CPR.

Advance Consultants Corp. is a hydrocarbon well logging company operating in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, and in the Texas Panhandle and Western Oklahoma. Advance Consultants Corp. is located at 2819 W. Industrial Ave., Midland, Texas. We have and maintain 21 trailers equipped with the state-of-the-art hydrocarbon logging and computer equipment. Advance Consultants Corp. has experienced personnel including geologists/mud loggers that have 20 plus years experience in the Permian Basin. We maintain the highest standards by employing competent and experienced personnel with professional skills. At Advance we have our very own custom-designed hydrocarbon-logging data management software, which produces a log that is viewable using our downloadable viewer, or over the Internet using a standard browser. Advance Consultants Corp. has logged over 5,000 wells in the Permian Basin. We have also logged one of the deepest wells in Texas on shore 27,018’. Advance has logged over 80 wells deeper than 20,000’ and over 130 wells deeper than 15,000’. Advance Consultants Corp. is a leader in horizontal logging and has logged over 325 horizontal wells. Our additional services include a Pitot Tube Gas Measurement System. The Pitot Tube Measurement System creates a high tech system that gives Advance Consultants the capability to plot a continuous gas curve in 1000 cubic feet of gas, while also having the capability to read the amount of gas the well is producing in million cubic feet. The Pitot Tube can give the rate of gas flow at anytime. A calculation table, included in our software, can give you the rate in cubic feet per day of gas. It is Advance Consultants Corp.’s mission to be the best provider of hydrocarbon mud logging services in every area that we serve.

Advance Consultants Corp. is currently operated by Vic's daughter Cheryl Jones and continues to be a family business that strives to "lead the way". Cheryl is a motivated and passionate entrepreneur whose mission is to follow in her father’s footsteps as the leading hydrocarbon well logging company in the oil field. We will continue to offer our highest quality of service, in an exciting time, so that we can pave the way for our future generations.

Cheryl Victoria Frigon Jones

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