Hydrocarbon Mud Logging Services

Advance Consultants Corp. has a fleet of over twenty "Field Logging Units." Each logging unit is a fully equipped wheel mounted laboratory capable of being pulled to and left at well site.

Horizontal Mud Log Report

Advance Consultants Corp. is one of the most advanced and experienced hydrocarbon logging teams in the Permian Basin. Advance Consultants Corp. has experienced personnel including geologists/ mud loggers that have 20 plus years experience in the Permian Basin. We maintain the highest standards by employing competent and experienced personnel with professional skills. We are ready to serve all of your hydrocarbon mud logging needs.

Key Service Features

  • Qualified and experienced geologists/mud loggers on location.
  • Sample collection and analysis including classification, cut, fluorescence, and porosity.
  • Continuous computerized monitoring and acquisition of total hydrocarbon gasses.
  • Footage or time based chromatograph for gasses C1 thru C5.
  • Printed logs available on site for correlation.
  • Instant data transfer and cell phones for communications.
  • Daily log updates by e-mail, viewable in PDF format on smart phones and personal computer.
Mud Log Report with Gama